Southpaw Vintage.



I have always loved retro & vintage clothing…practically my whole wardrobe is stuffed full of second hand finds.  There’s something about finding an amazing piece that is not only unique, it’s also a bargain…I can’t resist! I’m still wearing vintage items I found 20+ years ago, and they stand the test of time today.  In my opinion at least!

It is also true to say that I buy far more than I can ever wear, and also things I simply CAN’T wear, because they’ll never fit, and I buy them knowing this…but i’m like a magpie, picking up shiny objects as I go, and then admiring them from the safety of my nest. I’m a bit hopeless really, but to me they’re a little like beautiful pieces of art combined with social history, and i’m lucky enough to have them in my possession for a little while, before they continue their journey to another wardrobe.

Unfortunately, my little nest is getting seriously overcrowded these days, so for a while now i’ve been passing on lots of my favourite pieces and bargain finds to other vintage lovers in my eBay shop, Southpaw Vintage (I know, I know…lefty much?)

You can check out my listings here.

Happy shopping! 🙂