Pumpkins are the schoolyard bullies of the garden.

Pumpkin Taking Over

Really, there are no explanations necessary here.  They come up out of the compost and before you know it, they’ve taken over.  At least this one seems to be setting some fruit!  But experience tells me never to count my pumpkins before they’ve hatched…

One thing I do love about the picture at the top, is that it shows me just how far i’ve come with this garden.  Picture that section against the fence covered in building rubbish and roof tiles, infested with weeds, and the ground in front of it hard-baked clay with not a blade of grass in sight, and you have some idea of what I was faced with when I moved into my current place.

It has been a labour of love to get it to where it is today, and yes my landlord thinks i’m somewhat mad, but he also thinks i’m pretty amazing.  And as a renter, that’s a really nice position to be in 🙂

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