The Sunday Muse, February 7

Swear and Swear Alike.

Well i’ve really ripped some emotional strips off myself these past couple of weeks, so I think i’m going to cut myself a break and keep this week’s Sunday Muse a bit shorter and less introspective.  Which is probably a bit of a relief for all of us! 😉

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that i’m currently on the hunt for a new job – just some part time or temp work to keep things going while i’m building up the freelancing stuff, and also studying at uni.  This has meant the majority of the past week has been spent going to and fro between recruitment agency meetings and job interviews, which has been just a tiny bit exhausting after being mistress of my own rather flexible schedule for so long.

I won’t blame the exhaustion for my performance during one particular interview however.

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