Dinner on the cheap.

Tonight I made fried rice.  Not something I do very often but it’s quick and somewhat nutritious and I had most of the stuff on hand.  The only thing I had to go buy was frozen peas – I already had 2 lonely looking spring onions, a single little brown onion, garlic (which I forgot to use!), brown rice (cooked up a few hours before and chilled, it works soooo much better that way), a chicken breast and left over Christmas ham from the freezer, carrots that have spent far too long in my crisper, a few eggs and a combo of oyster sauce, soy sauce and sriracha.  Yummo!  I now have dinner for the next few nights, and maybe a couple of lunches for next week too (which I’ll freeze ahead of time of course).  This is excellent news, because I am B R O K E after hosting my family at Christmas, so I have no money spare until pay day next week.  That means cheap dinners are ESSENTIAL right now.  Anyhoo, here is what it turned out like:

Fried Rice 2Fried Rice 1

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