The Sunday Muse, January 24

Food, Money and Love

This week i’ve been thinking about how my compost worms used to be the best fed worms in Melbourne. Perhaps Australia.

I’m going somewhere with this, I promise…just stay with me.

When I was working a regular, 9-5 job, getting paid on a fortnightly basis, my life and spending habits revolved around that schedule…everything was arranged to be paid, bought or spent within that two week period, and it would all re-set and start again once the next fortnightly pay cycle came around.

I never really questioned whether I needed to spend money on this schedule…I just did. You get paid, you buy stuff. I don’t mean going out and buying all manner of unnecessary crap like some teenager with a credit card – for the most part anyway (ask me about my eBay/op shopping addiction some other time) – I mean regular stuff like groceries and things for the garden, and clothing and toiletries whenever the need arose. But the point was, when it came to buying all these things, I was on a treadmill of spending…I just did it because i’d been paid, and because it was part of my fortnightly routine.

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Body image, The Rock, and me.

The Rock

I’m part of a random group of ‘over 40s’ friends on Facebook who are trying to motivate and encourage each other each other on our respective journeys to lose a bit of weight, and reclaim some of our youthful zest and good health.  Somehow this seems so much harder after a certain age…our bodies just aren’t going to be bullied the way they used to. They seem to have reached the point where they’re simply not putting up with our dysfunctional shit anymore, and fair enough.  But we end up at a loss as to what works and what doesn’t, and more importantly, why. Which is frankly sometimes exhausting, in already exhausting circumstances.

Anyway, as part of supporting each other some of us are sharing our stories on how we got to where we are, and so I took a deep breath and decided to share this guilty little secret with them all.

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