Sunday morning ANZACs.

Om Nom ANZACs.jpg

I doubt there is a single Aussie kid who hasn’t baked or eaten these at one point or another…they’re the quintessential antipodean biscuit.  So bloody easy to make, I remember these were one of the first things I ever cooked in Home Ec class, back in the day (are those classes even around anymore??) – and many, many times since.

These ANZACs have a bit of a twist – partly because of preference, and partly because of what I did (or didn’t) have in the pantry at the time.  That’s the great thing about these biscuits – they can take a bit of tweaking and still taste delicious.  If you can tolerate gluten free oats, these are good for those with gluten issues (just swap out the flour for a GF variety) and vegans can use a vegetable based margarine in place of the butter, to make them completely free of animal products.

But please…don’t EVER call them cookies.  To an Aussie, that’s just sacrilege…they were, are, and will always remain, BIKKIES 🙂

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Mint slice cupcakes.


Choc Mint Cupcakes 2

You know how it is sometimes…you see something on telly and you get an idea in your head and suddenly a craving hits that simply will not go away until you satisfy it.  So it was with these cupcakes!  I can’t even remember now what got me started, but one day I just got the taste of these in my head, and I became consumed with the idea of replicating my favourite mint slice biscuits into a cupcake version.  I can guarantee you, these don’t disappoint 🙂

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Vegan No-Bake Bliss Balls

Bliss Balls Cropped

So as part of my strategy this month to avoid refined sugars, today I made these raw vegan bliss balls, rolled in (variously) dessicated coconut (I found the shredded variety didn’t give a nice even coat), green tea powder, and slightly crushed up cacoa nibs.  Delicious!

These bliss balls have a beautifully cakey texture, and they’re so satisfying for that pesky sweet tooth, i’ve found that when I get the chocolate (or cake) urge, just one of these little wonders completely hits the spot.

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